How many triangles are there?



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14 responses to “How many triangles are there?

  1. Paul Harrison

    I’m interested in human perceptions and how they can influence knowledge. One glaring example I can give is that of the Sun rising in the East, which it of course does not do. This perceptive error has been with us forever and I think that once it is pointed out to people, they are then challenged to examine their perceptions in other ways. Believing that the Sun rises in the East is harmless, but having your perceptions questioned generates some surprising results. This seems unrelated to the triangle question at hand, although I do see a correlation, in that stubborn resistance to changing perceptions is unhelpful and will point out the persons prejudices.


  2. Fatma

    I got 20


  3. farhan

    15 is the right answer,…


  4. George Thuronyi

    14. There’s also a triangle in the capital A of the word Triangle.


  5. I am a bit mystified as to how anybody could come up with an answer other than 13.


  6. Yes, the correct answer is 13 triangles – the large outer triangle, plus 9 small inner triangles, plus 3 medium size triangles comprised of 3 triangles each.


    • Cher

      I got 13 but I have been doing triangle puzzles. It is not hard to see how another answer like 10 and 9 can be given. Sometime people only see what is in front of them.


  7. jupiterbeings

    I agree 13


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