Sensational Snippets: The Memory Trap, by Andrea Goldsmith

Andrea is an old uni friend of mine (from the first time).

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I am reading Andrea Goldsmith’s latest novel, The Memory Trap and I keep finding wonderful bits that I want to share.  It’s so rich in ideas and insights, I could easily quote pages and pages and still not have exhausted the book’s possibilities.

The novel starts rather slowly, setting the scene and introducing the characters in a quiet, reflective way, but it shifts gear when conflict between the characters comes into play.  It becomes one of those novels that triggers all kinds of thoughts around issues that are central to our lives.  I was quite taken aback when I read that the Garden of Exile at the Jewish Museum in Berlin was what’s called an experiential memorial, and that not everyone approves of the concept of visitors ‘experiencing’ some aspect of history in the memorials they visit.  I had never thought about it in that way.  And as it happens, at school this week…

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