Fallacy of Inferred Insensitivity

by Damon Young
“You wrote about X, so you don’t care about Y”

 I’ve a column in the Canberra Times today, ‘Impossible vanity of caring for everything at once’.

I’m criticising what I’ve called the Fallacy of Inferred Insensitivity, which often looks like this: “You wrote about X, so you don’t care about Y.”  A sample:

In some cases, those who charge authors or speakers with indifference are correct. They accurately identify some moral blind spot, which is relevant to the case at hand but has been ignored or forgotten. In other words, they rightly recognise some bias. But in most cases, the critics are in no position to make this charge reasonably: even if they are right, they lack the evidence to establish this reasonably. They do not know the mercurial substance of another’s mind. At best, they are guessing well. At worst, they are simply rehashing their own biases.

Read the rest of Damon’s blog post here.

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