Catch and Kill, the Politics of Power, by Joel Deane

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Catch and Kill Reading Catch and Kill, the Politics of Power serves as a good reminder of why – even though I’m interested in politics – I chose never to enter politics or even to join a political party.  It’s just too feral for my taste…

Catch and Kill (a remarkably silly title except for a crime novel IMO) is an analysis of the Bracks-Brumby Labor government in Victoria (1999-2010), a government which like the current Andrews government won power when it was never expected to, and surprised us all by turning out to be competent, fair and innovative.  Like all governments it eventually ran out of steam and was turfed out, but after the soul-destroying years of the abrasive Kennett government (1992-1999) it was nice to have civilised people running the state.

Catch and Kill reveals the ruthlessness that preceded that Bracks-Brumby electoral victory.  He explains the internecine factional warfare that went on behind the scenes and…

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