Anniversary of Hitchens’s death

Why Evolution Is True

How could I have forgotten to note this morning that Christopher Hitchens died on this day four years ago. Fortunately, reader Barry reminded me, and pointed me to this short but poignant memorial by James Looseley in today’s Montreal Gazette.  Loosely concentrates solely on Hitchens’s critiques of religion, which is what most affected the writer, but just look through Hitchens’s array of books, or his essay collections, to see the breadth of his knowledge, the elegance of his writing, the sharpness of his extemporaneous wit, and his ability to say something interesting and novel about just about everything.

Although I met the man only once, and briefly, I spend a lot of time rereading his pieces and watching his videos. We have no unbeliever to that can muster up such erudition and rhetorical artillery, and so it’s true that in at least one way he’s irreplaceable. He was the Orwell…

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