12 Days of Evolution #11: Are we still evolving?

Why Evolution Is True

By far the most frequent issue I’m asked about when giving public lectures on evolution is this: “Are humans still evolving? If so, how? Where are we going?” The short answer is “Yes, we’re still evolving, but not in ways that excite most people.” And what answer you give depends on whether you’re talking about whether we’re evolving right now, are referring to the recent past (about 10,000 years ago), or whether you’re talking about the species evolving as a unit or whether different populations are evolving in different directions.

Rather than reprise all the answers, I refer you to a few posts I’ve written about this question (here, herehere, here, and here.)  The answer is that most recent human evolution has involved different populations evolving in different directions (for example, lactose tolerance evolving in pastoral populations, light skin pigmentation evolving in populations farther from…

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