And Russell Blackford reflects on 2015

Why Evolution Is True

Like Michael Nugent (see two posts below), philosopher/atheist Russell Blackford has summed up the activities and thoughts that occupied him last year; the post, “A last reflection on 2015“, is on his Metamagician website.

Although Russell and Michael wrote their pieces independently, it’s no surprise that there’s some overlap. Both, for instance, decry rageblogging, the careless use of the term “Islamophobia,” and the pervasive censorship on college campuses. But Blackford is more concerned with the rise of the “regressive Left”: those who identify as liberals but oppose criticism of religion (especially Islam) and soft-pedal other traditional Enlightenment values like free speech.

I prefer the term “authoritarian Left,” as I’m not sure in what respect the “regressive Left” is really “regressive”; and one characteristic of that movement is its attempt to use authority and shaming to silence its critics. We should not, for instance, have to defensively reprise our opposition to bigotry and our…

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