What to do with the armed thugs occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon?

The most important thing is not to react the way they want us to. Unless they start shooting, then all gloves are off.

Why Evolution Is True

Protesting government regulations of farmers and ranchers, a group of armed men have taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. They’re occupying several federal buildings in protest at the treatment of two other men about to go to jail for setting fires on federal land (those men aren’t involved in the protest). The protestors say they might stay there for years, and have threatened violence if authorities try to remove them.

The government apparently isn’t doing anything about it, resolutely ignoring the trespassers. They didn’t do anything, either, about Cliven Bundy (the father of the Oregon protest leader), who has defied federal law for years by grazing his cattle on government land.  In 2014, Cliven and his supporters, also armed, resisted the government’s attempt to legally confiscate his cattle, and as far as I know he still has them.

In both cases the government is afraid of using weapons…

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