The Curious Case of Cologne

Why Evolution Is True

by Grania

By now everyone has heard of the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, although the events of that night are still being investigated and the facts aren’t yet known in great detail. On New Year’s Eve, groups of men appearing to be of mostly Middle Eastern and African origin attacked and harassed women in an apparently coordinated action. There are now, as the Irish Times reports, 379 official criminal complaints, including two rapes. About 40% the cases include sexual offences.

The German newspaper The Localreports that women were even hindered in attempting to reach police:

“We were already informed of the conditions in and around the station as we were arriving at our positions by emotional members of the public with crying and shocked children,” a high-ranking police officer wrote in a document seen by Spiegel Online and tabloid Bild.

“On the square outside were several thousand mostly male people of…

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  1. There was an interesting article today on Radio National about the gender imbalance in refugee intakes, and the social problems that are caused by a gender imbalance in the population. There is concern about the male dominated asylum intakes in Europe. This is the link

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