In which I’m asked to promulgate woo

Why Evolution Is True

I got this email yesterday; the name of the sender is redacted to protect the odious. I’ve added links to the email, and my comments are in brackets:


My name is [redacted] and I’m an associate producer at Prometheus Studios in Los Angeles. It’s nice to meet you!

I’m writing because I currently work on a docuseries that airs on the History Channel, the show Ancient Aliens.  In our upcoming 9th season, we are looking at the evolution of man [no women?] and the variations found in homo sapiens [sic] now. Some of the variations we will be looking at include the RH [sic] negative blood line found in the people of the Basque region, as well as the X lineage found in some Native Americans. We are looking for a geneticist to speak on these variations.

I was curious if you would be willing to arrange…

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