French Kitchen, Classic Recipes for Home Cooks, by Serge Dansereau

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French KitchenThis is a beaut recipe book.  French Kitchen Classic Recipes for Home Cooks, by Canadian chef Serge Dansereau is exactly what it says it is: great French recipes for do-at-home cooking.  It’s written for Australian cooks, using ingredients readily available here.  (Sydney people will know the name: Serge Dansereau runs the Bathers Pavilion Restaurant and Café.)

The recipes are arranged by meals:

  • breakfasts;
  • lunch: soup; salads; sandwiches; and tarts, flans, terrines and souffles
  • cooking for kids (not McDonalds-type pap, the recipes are mainly small sized versions of things that adults enjoy too);
  • dinner: fish; chicken and game; meat; and
  • desserts and baking,

So, in ‘Breakfasts’ it starts with the classic recipe for Crêpes au citron (lemon crêpes), but a few pages further on there’s a recipe for pancakes which Dansereau says you also can thin down to make crêpes, if like him, you have a fussy family where one wants crêpes and the other…

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February 14, 2016 · 8:03 pm

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