The Authoritarian Left reaches rock bottom: The “no-platforming” of Peter Tatchell in the UK

Why Evolution Is True

Like the Russian revolutionaries after 1917, the progressive left—including atheists—are beginning to eat their own. I find it infinitely depressing to see people at each other’s throats about issues of semantics, censorship and virtue signaling, while the malfeasance of our opponents—conservatives and repressive religionists—goes unchallenged. I’m not exactly sure why this is happening, but I do know that it’s not only divisive and unseemly, but unproductive and solipsistic.

The latest ridiculous performance in this charade is the “no-platforming” of Peter Tatchell, an LGBT and liberal activist who has spent his entire adult life campaigning for gay rights, gay marriage, and for humanitarian causes like opposing the Iraq war and apartheid. (Read his Wikipedia bio to get an idea of the breadth of his activism.)

But now he’s a victim of the Authoritarian Left, suffering the death of a thousand smears for not hewing to Acceptable Behavior. He’s been “no-platformed” (i.e., subject to a student…

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