A Leftist decries the Authoritarian Left

Why Evolution Is True

I hadn’t heard of Bailey Lamon before reader “Discovered Joys” called an Independent piece to my attention (click on screenshot below to go Lamon’s article), but, according to the Toronto Media Coop, he’s a Canadian activist:

Mike Roy [the woman who’s Lamon’s partner] and Bailey Lamon are both members of The Indignants, a media collective that covers stories relevant to the marginalized and under-represented. Mike is a founding member of The Indignants: he and Bailey have traveled far and wide covering indigenous, social, environmental and animal rights issues.

And Lamon adds a bit more about his activities in the Independent article, originally published at Medium:

I’ve been involved in activism since the Occupy Movement of 2011. Over the years this has included anti-capitalist, labour and feminist organising, as well as coordinating a local Food Not Bombs chapter, a number of direct actions against big oil (in solidarity with First…

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