Maajid Nawaz on the Big Think: “No idea is above scrutiny; no people are beneath dignity”

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz on The Big Think discussing “How the PC regressive left can manifest bigotry and prejudice.” What he calls the “zero-sum” game of Authoritarian Leftists is the fact that people like him can’t win, for their criticism of Islam is automatically construed as criticism of Muslims, aka people of color, and that’s racism.

Nawaz’s bona fides to criticize Islam are impeccable, as are Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s. The former spent five years in an Egyptian jail as an Islamist before deciding that he needed to change and become a moderate reformer; Ali was subjugated, mutilated, and hounded by death threats. And both are “brown” people. Yet both are called Islamophobes. It’s a severe indictment of both atheism and humanism that people like these are demonized rather than admired for their courage and commitment.

If there’s one flaw in this talk, it’s that Nawaz seems a bit defensive, overly touting…

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