Let’s ditch the “rich old white dude” trope—and similar slurs

Why Evolution Is True

Cue Andy Rooney:

“You know what really bothers me? Hearing people and their opinions dismissed because they’re seen as ‘rich old white dudes.’ I see this everywhere on the Internet, especially from the Authoritarian Left. (That’s a term I learned from my friend Jerry Coyne.)

“Now the Left is supposed to be against racism, sexism, and ageism, yet, here we see all three combined, and used to silence—or denigrate—a group of people whose opinions are by no means homogeneous. I mean, Bernie Sanders is a rich old white dude, and the Koch Brothers are two rich old white dudes. Bill Gates is another rich old white dude, too: he’s recently turned sixty. Bill O’Reilly is a rich old white dude, but so is Bill Clinton: a very rich old white dude. What do they have in common besides a Y chromosome, a big bank account, white skin, and a certain age?


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