Russian faces prison for denying God’s existence during a webchat

Why Evolution Is True

In 2012, the Russian feminist group Pussy Riot created a “performance” in a Moscow cathedral protesting Putin’s support for the Orthodox Church. Three of the women were arrested, charged with religiously-motivated hooliganism, and sentenced to two years in a “penal colony” (the modern-day gulag). One was freed on appeal, and two of them were given amnesty in December, 2013.  But that wasn’t the end of it.

After this performance, the Russian government decided to get tough on such protests, and so passed a law in 2013 (see also here), whose title tells the tale: “Law Amending the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Some Legal Acts of the Russian Federation Aimed at Countering Insult of Religious Beliefs and Feelings of Citizens, Desecration of Religious Objects and Subjects of Worship (Pilgrimage) and Sites of Religious Ceremonies.”

It is under this new anti-“blasphemy” law—signed by Putin—that, according to the Guardian, Viktor Krasnov, 38, was arrested this…

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