Postmodern Glacier professor defends his dreadful study as “misunderstood”. It wasn’t.

Why Evolution Is True

Along with three co-authors, Mark Carey, a dean and professor of history at Robert D. Clark Honors college at the University of Oregon, recently published a dreadful postmodernist paper in Progress in Human Geography, “Glaciers, gender and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research.” (reference and link below).  I wrote about it on this site last week, and have since read the whole thing twice. I still haven’t rcovered.

At first I thought, with others, that the paper might be a hoax, but it wasn’t—it’s a real paper, just as opaque and crazy as Alan Sokal’s paper that caused such a furor when published in Social Text in 1996. But Sokal’s paper was an out-and-out hoax, designed to show just how insane the whole postmodern enterprise really was. And it did its job—mostly. But it didn’t eliminate this kind of nonsense in the…

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3 responses to “Postmodern Glacier professor defends his dreadful study as “misunderstood”. It wasn’t.

  1. …i think this type of PM analyses are evidence of a type of insanity. Lol. Thx you. I didnt think it still continued. Amazing.


  2. Lololol. Omg. I thought it might be real. So great.

    Along these ‘ambiguous’ lines…

    Perhaps you might find interesting my posts called ‘the matter at hand’. The first one:


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