Why you have kneecaps

Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

All tetrapods have kneecaps, although it appears that they evolved more than once. Even tuatara have kneecaps (it was long thought they did not). And here’s a kneet biomechanics demonstration of why they are so useful, and what you can and can’t do without them.

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4 responses to “Why you have kneecaps

  1. Evolutionary theory is normally taken to apply only to living things.


  2. And, why would energy efficiency guide what is ‘naturally’ selected? Was the moon selected to orbit the earth, or the oort cloud selected in some natural manner related to life ?


  3. ..or i mean the relarionship of development that thus then would link life and nonlife?


  4. I was undergraduate educated in evilutionary thoery, but i was thinking about it again with your posts.

    What do you think and or do you know: is ev thoery only concering life, and life in this planet? Does its principles. Or can they be extended to explain and include non living things, like planets and supernovas, as well life and non life?


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