Now We Are Five

The Conversation

Andrew Jaspan, The Conversation

Five years ago we launched in Australia a new public-good journalism project. We aimed to replace the increasingly vapid media offerings with a rich new service. Our editors worked to turn the university into a giant Newsroom full of experts who would write with authority borne of deep research and understanding.

Able to explain better and make sense. Offering evidence in place of ideology. Able to correct falsehoods with facts. With a total commitment to transparency, high editorial standards and a Charter to deliver a service that is reliable, credible and worthy of your trust.

It’s an Australian idea that’s gone global with a Newsroom with 100 staff in Australia, UK, US, France and Africa working with 32,000 researchers and scholars from 1,500 universities and research institutes. With more to come.

Our content reaches 3 million users (unique visitors) a month direct to our website while a further 30 million read our copy through the 22,000 websites globally that carry our copy under Creative Commons.

This is dissemination of knowledge on a scale never previously achieved. And since we are committed to equitable access to information, we don’t charge. Our information richness is there for all to share.

In concert with our global university partners we seek nothing less than a better informed world. Able to share the fruits of research and innovation to offer solutions to the world’s increasingly complex problems.

Although we are five years old in Australia (though our other TCs much younger) we’ve barely got started. We’ve got much more planned. But today we salute again our Australian university partners, our strategic partners and you our readers.

PS: If you are in Melbourne on the night of April 7 we have reserved 10 tickets for readers to attend our birthday bash. Enter your name here and we’ll let you know if you’re going to the party.

The ConversationAndrew Jaspan, Editor, The Conversation

This article was originally published on The Conversation. (Reblogged by permission). Read the original article.


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