Rowan Williams: God’s not only not an answer, but He/She/It’s not even a thing!

Why Evolution Is True

Well, well. Here we have an article in the Guardian by Rowan Williams, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, arguing that atheists are constantly “arguing against propositions that no serious Christian writer would endorse.” I would have thought that the propositions we were arguing against were those of God’s existence, the divinity of Jesus, salvation, and so on—things that seem pretty much in the Christian mainstream—but Williams, a Sopisticated Theologian™, says “nope.”

In fact, Williams is exaggerating here: the argument he says atheists make, but that no Christian believes, is our refutation of the First Cause argument, also known as the Cosmological Argument. The argument goes, of course, like this: everything must have a cause, including the Universe, but the chain of causation cannot run on forever: there must be a First Cause. And that cause must have been God. God therefore exists, QED.

One response to this argument is this: “But who caused God?” That’s…

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2 responses to “Rowan Williams: God’s not only not an answer, but He/She/It’s not even a thing!

  1. …it is intetesting though, this book you mention, because the issue is really about whether ‘God’, that is outside the common mode of reckoning, at times ‘breaks through’ this common mode to be able to then ‘be known’ as such God.


  2. Maybe i missed it, but these logical arguments on the existence of God never really get to the Why someone believes God exists; these type arguments are subsequent, they run after the establishment of belief. I would guess that very few people (anymore) weigh logical arguments and then choose to believe or not. If they do, i would say,then we simply place every possibility of hman activity within logical outcomes, and i thonk we already know from 1000 years of thought, that that route fails every time except, again, to justify what already is ocvurring.

    This is why atheism is such a sham: because they prpose upon a reversal of what actially occurrs. No one ‘chooses’ to believe. Thats why atheism is just snother theological category; because any rationale based in a choice to believe is itself based ina aspect that transcends the moment of agency. One cannot say ‘i chose’ without ‘believing’ they have a will that finctions as an independant operator.


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