Freedom of speech: Salman Rushdie on American students, and the latest list of “banned” books

Why Evolution Is True

The columnist Clarence Page had a chat with Salman Rushdie, who taught at Emory University, about freedom of speech. (Remember that it was Emory students who got so upset when they saw pro-Trump slogans written in chalk on their campus.) Rushdie was in Washington D.C. to discuss the question, “Should or must art be politically correct?”, an event organized by Page’s wife, and Clarence took the opportunity to ask Rushdie about several issues.

“When people say, ‘I believe in free speech, but …,’ then they don’t believe in free speech,” [Rushdie] said. “The whole point about free speech is that it upsets people.

“It’s very easy to defend the right of people whom you agree with — or that you are indifferent to. The defense (of free speech) begins when someone says something that you don’t like.”

And that is a simple point. The rebuttal by the Regressive Left is that…

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