St. Petersburg: food

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Since I was in St. Petersburg for only about ten days, and five of those were at a scientific meeting, I can’t say that I’m deeply acquainted with Russian food.  What I did have I enjoyed very much, but what I’m presenting is just an eclectic selection of pictures of what I ate, or what I saw.

First, two places I did not eat, but which you’ll want to see anyway:

The menu (in Soviet Russia, the cheeseburger noms you):

The plush chicken was advertising some chicken restaurant next door:

The St. Petersburg equivalent of McDonald’s is “Teremok,” a chain that specializes in blini, or Russian crepes.  They also have kasha, or buckwheat porridge, and kvass, a lightly alcoholic drink I’ve mentioned before, which is made from fermented rye bread.  The food at Teremok is very good, and I ate there several times during my perambulations…

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