Angela Merkel trying to suppress free speech in Germany

Why Evolution Is True

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has shown some moxie in trying to make Germany do the humanitarian thing by absorbing many fearful immigrants from the Middle East. Many of her constituents don’t want those immigrants, and so her approval rating has dropped strongly in the last year, particularly after the mass attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

I’ve supported her stand, but now I want to criticize her about a different matter: her handling of free speech. As many of you probably know, a German comedian, Jan Böhmermann, wrote a scatalogical poem criticizing Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and broadcasst the poem on German television. I haven’t been able to find the poem, or even a transcript, as the clip has been removed. Many, however, found it not that funny, tasteless, and offensive on the grounds of both its nature and its profanity.

Böhmermann’s poem apparently accused Erdogan of being a pedophile and of copulating with animals;

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