Prince Charles uses homeopathy on his cows

Why Evolution Is True

Hey, Brits—you know that your next King is a woomeister, right? He’s long been an advocate of homeopathy, and has supported its use by the National Health Service.

If you have two neurons to rub together, you’ll know that homeopathy is bunk: its “principles” (infinite dilution of molecules out of existence) mean that it couldn’t possibly work, and studies show that it’s no better than placebos.

Nevertheless, despite asserting correctly that homeopathic remedies are the equivalent of sugar pills, the NHS still offers it in some areas and in two NHS hospitals, so that the British taxpayer has to subsidize completely worthless cures. Hey, Brits—why do you put up with that?

The Daily Mailhas documented Prince Charles’s pressure on the British healthcare system; here’s one of a series of letters in which he argues for more homopathic treatments. Here’s a 2007 letter from Prince Charles to health secretary Alan Johnson:

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