The last words of Christopher Hitchens

Why Evolution Is True

When Christopher Hitchens was close to death, a veil was drawn around him by his friends and loved ones, and rightly so, I guess, for it’s intrusive to inquire how a man is faring on his deathbed. But I’ve always wondered, given that Hitchens was eloquent, brave, and an atheist, what his last words were. I haven’t read any accounts of his death—including his own book Mortality, which contains a eulogy by his wife Carol Blue—so the anecdote I’m about to tell may already be well known.

While looking for some information on Hitchens, I came across an account of his memorial service, held in New York on April 20, 2012, though he died in Houston on December 15 of the previous year. The account was written, curiously enough, by Andrew Sullivan for his website The Dish, and was called “The Hitch has landed“. It’s a poignant remembrance by Sullivan…

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