Was Carl Sagan an accommodationist?

Why Evolution Is True

The PuffHo Religion and Science page is a real hoot—if you can stand its endless and annoying attempts to reconcile the two areas. It’s relentlessly accommodationist and invariably silly. Although the posts aren’t frequent, I saw a newer one today, which is both funny and sleazy, as it misrepresents Sagan’s views on religion.

The piece is “Listen to Carl Sagan open up about religion and the possibility of alien life,” by Carolyn Gregoire, a senior PuffHo writer. It points you to the Blank on Blank site (a production of the Public Broadcasting Service) and then to 6.5-minute audio, given below) of Sagan being interviewed by the late Studs Terkel. Here’s how PuffHo characterizes the video:

Sagan also touches on the age-old conflict between science and religion, rejecting a literal interpretation of the Bible as scientifically wrong, but noting that the two ways of thinking are ultimately about finding answers to life’s biggest questions —…

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