Heffernan’s creationism: was it a scam?

Why Evolution Is True

Three days ago I highlighted an anti-evolution essay by Virginia Heffernan, a formerly popular journalist who is now a correspondent for Yahoo News. Her piece,  “Why I’m a creationist,” was a remarkably obtuse celebration of ignorance. In essence, Heffernan maintained that she was a creationist because the Bible told a better story than did Darwin, and that she found Darwin’s Origin unconvincing anyway because he adduced no facts to support his “hypothesis.”

Heffernan’s piece elicited a fair amount of outrage from  science-friendly people, including Carl Zimmer (read his Twitter battle with Heffernan) and Laura Helmuth, who wrote this in Slate:

As Carl Zimmer pointed out in an epic Twitter war with Heffernan, dismissing the evidence for evolution betrays a profound lack of curiosity. Their 140-character bits of back-and-forth show that she really does think of creationism and evolution merely as competing narratives: “What I believe is…

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