A confused professor emphasizes the so-called limits of scientific understanding

Why Evolution Is True

While we’re waiting for Dr. Pinkah to produce his next book on how science can enrich the humanities, the enemies of reason and the touters of faith continue hawking their numinous wares in the intellectual market. So when you see an essay with this title, “The limits of intellectual reason in our understanding of the natural world,” you’re going to be wary. After all, how else can we understand the natural world except by reason and observation—what I call “science broadly construed”?

It gets worse when you realize that this piece, which does indeed denigrate reason at the expense of faith, not only appears at a reputable website, The Conversation, but was written by a reputable professor at a reputable university: Andrew J. Hoffman, the Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan (he also has joint appointments at the School of Natural Resources & Environment and the Ross School of…

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