Lindsay and Boghossian take down Trump

Why Evolution Is True

My friend Peter Boghossian (a philosophy professor at Portland State) called my attention to a piece that he and James Lindsay (a mathematician and author) have published at Quillette: “The article about Trump nobody will publish.” (Quillette appears to be replacing Slate as the go-to place for secular and atheist writing.)

Their piece begins with this intriguing note from the editor:

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 12.12.06 PM

Who wouldn’t want to read a piece that starts that way? It could mean one of two things: either the piece is abysmal, or it’s controversial. (As I recall, Sam Harris’s The End of Faith was rejected by about a dozen publishers.) Well, it’s clearly controversial, but many of the commenters seem to think it’s abysmal, including at least one writer I respect. I don’t know what to think, as the authors’ main thesis—that Trump’s success is largely due to pushback against the Regressive Left—is…

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