Some questions about the Orlando massacre

Why Evolution Is True

The death toll in the Orlando massacre has dropped from 50 to 49, as they mistakenly included the shooter himself in the toll of victims. But that still makes it substantially higher than the deadliest mass shooting in America up to now: the 32 killed in 2007 at Virginia Tech by Seung-hui Cho. In Orlando 53 more were wounded, some of them critically, so more deaths are expected, along with many of the injured who will never again have normal lives.

There’s no solution I can think of to the growing problem of terrorist attacks in the U.S., exacerbated by some imams’ declaration that killing infidels is more meritorious during Ramadan than at other times. The military option, to bomb ISIS and its allies out of existence, won’t work, for there is widespread sympathy for Islamists’ mission, if not their acts, throughout the Muslim world.  More vigorous surveillance in the U.S. is an…

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