Islam and homophobia: a turning point?

Why Evolution Is True

Although there are still a few regressive Leftists who can’t bear to utter the word “Islam” in the same sentence as words like “terrorism,” “homophobia,” or “misogyny,” I sense that the previously clueless are beginning to see the connection, a connection palpably obvious to those who don’t hold that having pigmented skin guarantees moral virtue. Hillary Clinton, with a reporter holding her feet to the fire, mentioned the connection yesterday. And on the Internet I’m beginning to see some bloggers (you know who you are) begin to call out Islam for its homophobia.

I think this may be a watershed moment, though, tragically, it took the deaths of fifty people to bring it on. And we want to have a discussion of the connection between religious ideology and oppression, for if liberals don’t, Donald Trump gets more votes from frustrated people who can’t stand the pervasive ignoring and exculpation of Islamic ideology.


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