Jeffrey Tayler defends Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Why Evolution Is True

Jeff Tayler has apparently jumped ship at Salon, long a leaky and rat-infested tub, and gone over to Quillette as a vessel for his posts extolling reason and criticizing theism. In April,  Quillette published his essay defending Sam Harris, and now Tayler’s just written a powerful piece on Ayaan Hirsi Ali with a nearly identical title—only the names have been changed. The new essay is “Free speech and Islam: In defense of Ayaan Hirsi Ali“.

I’ve long said that Hirsi Ali should be a poster child for progressivism. She worked herself out of a life of dreadful oppression to become a spokesperson for free speech, liberal values, and the right of women to be free from religious persecution. She is female, black, and a former Muslim and a victim of genital mutilation.  And yet the Regressive Left—I used to say “Authoritarian Left”, but now see that the former term is accurate since it…

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