Maajid Nawaz on terrorism, American hypocrisy, and “the Voldemort effect”

Why Evolution Is True

Curiously, Maajid Nawaz, a liberal Muslim who constantly presses for a reformation of radical Islam, has been demonized by many on the left, even though, unlike Ayaan Hirsi Ali, he’s apparently not an atheist. He’s been called a “porch monkey” as well as Sam Harris’s “lapdog” and “Muslim validator,” and was even criticized by the odious Nathan Lean for dressing too nicely! It’s almost as if a liberal Muslim has no credibility with the Left at all, and negative credibility if he’s Westernized! Nawaz is the cofounder and chair of the Qulliam Foundation, dedicated to taming Islamic extremism.

Why, then, is he so demonized? It’s a mystery to me, and maybe readers can explain. At any rate, here’s a video just released by Nawaz showing his appearance on Fox News. Why a right-wing news channel? We all know the answer to that: what Nawaz says is inimical to the mainstream liberal press, marinated…

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