The Brexit vote and the rise of Islamism

Secular Party of Australia

Much of the doom and gloom predicted as a result of the British decision to leave the European Union is unlikely to eventuate. The fears are overblown. There is no obvious increased security risk. The trade issues can be negotiated. Movement of people between borders may change little.

While there were many factors motivating the vote, a significant one is a reaction against Islamisation. This a is hardly mentioned by commentators, but it is certainly the main reason for anti-EU sentiment in Holland and France, where the open borders policy is more relevant. Islamism creates an undercurrent of discontent. Not all of this can simply be dismissed as xenophobia or “Islamophobia”. There are some legitimate concerns.The average person could see that elements of Islam, especially its preference for sharia law, are hardly compatible with British values of equality. The political elites have refused to recognise the problem of Islamism or…

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