Top 10 evolution books: three are about creationism

Why Evolution Is True

It must have been ten years or more since advocates of Intelligent Design promised us that peer-reviewed evidence for a “Designer” (aka the Christian God) was right around the corner, but they’ve come up with. . . .bupkes.  Because they have no evidence, the ID websites, like those of the Discovery Institute (DI)m involve sniping at evolutionists and proffering misguided critiques of work by real scientists. One example of how low these snakes can crawl was the tirade that the egnorant Michael Egnor  and David Klinghoffer of the DI came up with when I had my picture taken at John Scopes’s gravesite. That, they whined, showed that I admired racists, and was therefore a racist myself. (The argument was that the textbook Scopes taught from also had material on eugenics, but of course ignored the fact that a. Scopes taught from the textbook on only one day, as he was a substitute…

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