Winston Churchill’s sarcastic response to a call for prayers for rain

Why Evolution Is True

Like Einstein, Winston Churchill occasionally made references in his discourse to the divine or the Almighty, and, like Einstein, Churchill apparently didn’t believe in a personal God—or perhaps any God. Invoking the supernatural or divine was simply a figure of speech.

Having rejected Christianity as a young man, Churchill spent the rest of his life as an exponent of secularism, occasionally making disparaging remarks about faith. The following letter was brought to my attention by reader Mark B. (it’s today’s daily letter at the Letters of Note website, which Mark recommends highly). It was sent to the Times in 1919—when Churchill was the 44-year-old Secretary of War—in response to a letter from the Duke of Rutland. The severe drought in Britain that year had prompted the Duke to ask readers to pray for rain, and this is Churchill’s sarcastic response. It was published under a pseudonym, but the true writer was revealed 20 years…

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