Pigliucci to all New Atheists: we’re doing it wrong

Why Evolution Is True

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Massimo Pigluicci lately, and for several reasons. I’ve been busy writing, and haven’t had time to read many websites. And when I have read Massimo’s site, Rationally Speaking, I’ve been put off by his arrogance, attack-dogishness (if you want a strident atheist, look no further than Massimo), and his repeated criticisms of New Atheists because We Don’t Know Enough Philosophy. (If you substituted “Theology” for “Philosophy” there, you’d pretty much have Terry Eagleton). But I haven’t gone after Pigliucci, either, for he’s left me pretty much alone.

That has changed, for he has just published a strong attack on New Atheists (mentioning me, albeit briefly) in a paper in Midwest Studies in Philosophy(free access and download at link; reference below): “New atheism and the scientistic turn in the atheism movement.” It’s a nasty piece of work: mean-spirited and misguided. It’s also…

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