What is Islamophobia?

Why Evolution Is True

There are three terms that have been bugging me because their definitions are elusive: “New Atheism,” “scientism,” and “Islamophobia.”  Yesterday we dealt with “New Atheism.” In the past few days, Jason Rosenhouse and Massimo Pigliucci have duked it out on their websites about “scientism” (Massimo here, Jason here and here; read all three because the exchange is informative).  I think Jason definitely has the upper hand in the scientism debate, which he sees as a distracting kerfuffle about semantics. On the other hand, while Massimo makes some good points—e.g., some questions have answers that aren’t found by science, like what is the mathematical relationship between the sides of a right triangle and its hypotenuse—he doesn’t show how philosophy or math answers questions about what exists in the real world, and he seems overly huffy about biologists’ neglect and criticism of philosophy.

So let’s take up the third…

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