Ark Park: a meme

Why Evolution Is True

The Ark Park is open for business, and yes, the Ark contains dinosaurs (baby ones, of course!). Bill Nye visited, and was prayed for by Ken Ham.  I’m hoping the enterprise will fail, for it’s all about lies and propagandizing children. I, for one, don’t feel inclined to spend the $40—that’s right, forty bucks—to see the Ship of Fools. But below is a nice Ark Meme sent by reader Kenneth M., who found it on Twi**er.

The best takedown of this ludicrous story is found in the long and sometimes hilarious analysis of what it would take for the tale to be true: “The Impossible Voyage of Noah’s Ark,” by Robert A. Moore (1983). It was published in the defunct Creation Evolution Journal, once a great resource for fighting creationist nonsense, and I am fortunate to have a hard copy. But you can read it free online courtesy of…

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