Radio 4 shies away from religion as a factor in terrorism

Why Evolution Is True

Reader “Serendipitydawg” called my attention to a new episode of “Any Questions” show on BBC Radio 4 that, after a minute of introduction, began by tossing out some terrorism-religion questions to the listeners: “What are you doing in the age of terror? What are you doing about the threat? Can there ever be an end in sight?”

Serenditypitydawg was exercised because, he said, “I was struck when listening to the programme live how much they really didn’t seem to want any mention of religion in connection to the Nice attack… the first caller was sidelined and the second shut down all mention for the rest of the programme.”

He added that perhaps he was overly sensitive to this issue, but having listened to the first 10 minutes (that’s all you need), I think he’s right.

The first caller, Melanie from Manchester, is worried about the Islamic nature of terrorism, but is immediately interrupted by…

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