High Turkish official: there should be no female laughter in public

Why Evolution Is True

I love Turkey. I’ve been there several times, for both touristic and academic visits, and have found the people friendly, the scenery incomparable, and the food fantastic (is there any better confection than pistachio baklava?). The Muslim students with whom I’ve interacted have been amiable, but I’ve interacted only with the ones attending Middle East Technical University, where the headscarf (hijab) is banned and Muslim women like it that way.

Kemal Atatürtk’s attempts to secularize the country were largely successful—but now appear to be going astray as Islam begins to creep into one of the nations harboring less extreme forms of Islam.  There are recurrent attempts to lift the ban on headscarves, which have been successful for women in government  jobs, and creationism is making deeper inroads thanks to Adnan Okstar (Harun Yahya) and his band of thugs. Censorship is increasing, as the government—ultimately without success—tried to block Twitter and YouTube. 


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