Uncle Karl Giberson sinks Ken Ham’s Ark

Why Evolution Is True

Uncle Karl Giberson earned his avuncular title by being civil and reasonable, especially for an evangelical Christian. But then sometimes he turned mean and lost his “Uncle” monicker. I’m restoring it today, at least temporarily, on the basis of a nice piece he wrote for Beacon Broadside, a website run by Beacon Press. The title tells it all: “Noah’s Ark Park Keeping Christians in the Eighteenth Century.”

What’s good about his approach—Giberson is a trained physicist, and, along with Francis Collins, one of the two founders of the failed organization BioLogos—is that he uses evidence to dismiss the Ark story. Although Uncle Karl’s objections aren’t new, remember that his readership consists largely of fellow Evangelicals, many of whom buy the Ark story whole hog (or rather, two whole hogs).


The story of Noah’s Flood, more so than any other major story in the Bible, has been…

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