Why I hate the PuffHo

Why Evolution Is True

Why do I hate PuffHo? Let me count the ways. One is that they don’t even pretend to look at the news objectively, so all their “news” articles are really opinion pieces. They have an agenda, presumably dictated by Arianna, and they hew to it religiously (word intended, since one of their briefs is to extol faiths of every kind). At least the New York Times, also a Left-leaning paper, tries to present the news objectively, clearly making a distinction between reporting and opinion (usually confined to their Op-Ed page).

But the headlines in this morning’s PuffHo really infuriated me. Look at the bit I’ve circled below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.06.20 AM

This is virtue-signaling, pure and simple. “Look,” say the privileged post-college white women who edit the rag (see below), “We’re calling out the Democrats for racism!” Are these people unaware that the Democratic Party just ran a black candidate for President twice in…

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