ISIS explains why it fights: it’s the religion, stupid!

Why Evolution Is True

Listen up, Islamic apologists, especially those of you who claim that the main motivations of Islamist terrorism derive from Western colonialism rather from Islam. Listen up, Reza Aslan, Glenn Greenwald, Robert Pape, Karen Armstrong, and Nathan Lean: ISIS has explained in very clear language that you’re just wrong. It’s religion, stupid! After reading the article summarized in the 14½-minute video below, or the article itself, you’ll have a hard time blaming Western imperialism for terrorism, or claiming that ISIS is a perversion of Islam: “not true Islam.”

You may know that ISIS has mastered social media, including the production of a slick online magazine, Dabiq. In the latest issue there’s an article called “Why we hate you & Why we fight you.” (You can find a pdf of issue 15 of Dabiq, and the article, here.) The piece explains very clearly what ISIS wants and why it fights. And if…

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