Reading Suggestion: Logic and Richard Rorty

The Realist Turn

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to write something more substancial, so there is just another reading suggestion.

First there is short article that shows the progress that logic has done since Aristotle, including some remarks on non-classical logic. A field that I think is very exciting, because it poses some important questions. Does it make sense to ask for THE true logic? If not when do we use which logic and why?

The enduring evolution of logic

Second: The Hedgehog Review  published an unpublished symposium with Richard Rorty on the topic of “The Business of Philosophy”. There are also responses by Susan Haack, Robert Pippin and Matthew Crawford. I did not read all of it. But since my master thesis was about the relationship between Rorty, Putnam and Pragmatism I am pretty interested. I never really could make sense of Rorty’s pessimism about philosophy.

What Are Philosophers Supposed To Do?

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