The enslavement of Saudi women

Why Evolution Is True

There’s an old American folk song, “The Wagoner’s Lad,” which begins with this verse:

Oh hard is the fortune of all womankind
They’re always controlled, they’re always confined;
Controlled by their parents until they are wives
Then slaves to their husbands for the rest of their lives.

It’s a heartbreaking song with a beautiful tune (I first heard it in the Kingston Trio’s version), but, thank Ceiling Cat, life has changed since that song was written on the American frontier. Well, it has in America, but the verse above exactly describes life in Saudi Arabia.

That country is our ally, and yet we don’t protest when they treat their women like chattel, which in fact is exactly what they are under law. It’s hard for us to change things there, but social media can help—if only to let us know how desperate many of these women are.

There’s a…

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