Islamophobia vs dislike of Islam

Why Evolution Is True

There have been an increasing number of articles in the media portraying those who criticize Islam as “Islamophobes,” and about the pressure Muslims apply (using the “I”-word) to quash those who dare question their faith. How refreshing, then, to see someone of a Muslim background call out this nonsense.

The author is Ali Rivzi, a Canadian-Pakistani physician and author who’s now writing a book called The Atheist Muslim.  (I hope he has bodyguards!). And his piece, in Monday’s HuffPo, is called  “The phobia of being called Islamophobic.” It says a lot of sensible things, and also reprises the latest kerfuffles over “Islamophobia,” including the rescinding of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s invitation to speak at Brandeis, the cancellation of the film Honor Diaries at the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois at Chicago (shame, shame on them!), the London School of Economics’ ridiculous kerfuffle over Jesus and…

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