Enemy Within, by Don Watson (Quarterly Essay #63)

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Enemy WithinI read this latest Quarterly Essay while The Spouse drove home from the Annual Shelmerdine Art and Wine Lunch in Tooboorac organised by my Alumni Association, and so I was perhaps feeling more relaxed about its subject matter than might be expected.  I have never taken the slightest interest in American politics except to feel a mild sense of resentment that we in The Rest of the World have to put up with the results without ever having any opportunity to vote.   But the prospect of Trump winning the forthcoming election is so appalling that I have made an effort to understand how it could have come about.  Despite the broad scope and intelligent analysis in Don Watson’s essay Enemy Within, American politics in the time of Trump I get the feeling that at heart he is as mystified as the rest of us.

Travelling about in the MidWest, from civilised…

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