Skimpy attendance at the Ark Park?

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve heard various rumors that Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, better known as the “Ark Park”, isn’t drawing the huge crowds of goddies—or young goddies-to-be—that it predicted. According to The Friendly Atheist, Ken Ham said the park would lure 2 million visitors a year, or 5,500 visitors a day, but it didn’t even get those numbers the first week it opened. Maybe Ham was lying to draw funds for his venture (after all, he lies to draw people to his ministry), or maybe he was overoptimistic.

Now, according to DeadState, things look even more dire. The site gives some drone footage (video below) taken of the Park’s parking lot last Sunday. Sure enough, it looks like the opening session of the National Procrastinator’s Association.

To be sure, DeadState notes that this footage was taken 30 minutes before the park opened at noon, so it’s not all that…

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