Syracuse decides to allow screening of film on Israeli settlers

Why Evolution Is True

The other day I noted that M. Gail Hammer, a professor of religion at Syracuse, canceled the screening of a film on Israeli settlers because of her fear that it would incite the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) students on campus. The director of the film “The Settlers“, Simon Dotan, had been invited by a professor at Nebraska who was co-organizing a Syracuse conference on religion and film, but Hammer nixed that invite. The ironic thing was the BDS would have supported the showing, for the film apparently portrayed Israeli settlers in a negative light.

This was unique, as far as I know, because it was a disinvitation based not on any tangible dissent or opposition, but merely the fear of dissent—and a misguided fear to boot. Hammer’s behavior was reprehensible.

Fortunately, people can back down, as both Hammer and Syracuse have now done. As reports, Hammer has apologized…

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